[VIDEO] 46 Year Old Missing Person’s Mystery is Solved When a 1970 Camaro is Found at the Bottom of a Lake With Bodies Still Inside

There are some mysteries on this earth that were simply too difficult to solve at the time, but have had the light shed on them so to speak in more recent years.

Luckily this aspect has also spread to old cold cases and missing persons files, and while finding the truth could never replace those we’ve lost it’s almost always a massive weight lifted off your shoulders when you finally do.

Some of these cases are older than we are, so when a 1970 Camaro and a 1956 Chevy were located at the bottom of Lake Foss in Oklahoma no one expected to solve a decades old mystery.

Back in 1970 three friends decided to head over to a football game in one of the kid’s brand new Camaro. Nothing seemed amiss until none of the three came home that night, and ever since no one had managed to figure out what happened to them.

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