‘Float On’ In ‘Must Do’ Floating Hotel Rooms

Stay and travel in floating hotel rooms

Yes, you can stay in floating hotel rooms that will take you on a romantic cruise to a “deserted” island. It’s like traveling on a cruise ship without the ship. It’s an encapsulated “love boat” for two.

Where Else But Japan?

Let’s be honest, when it comes to weird places to visit and unique ideas and activities for tourists, Japan certainly has quite a lot to offer. Japan is already famous for its many unusual places to stay. Witness their robot hotel, the controversial love hotels, and the capsule hotels.

If that isn’t enough for the otherwise jaded traveler, now they’re throwing in yet another odd overnight experience. Specifically, floating hotel rooms. Does the idea of spending the evening afloat and then awakening on a desert isle intrigue you? If so, then you need to check out Huis Ten Bosch.


Huis Ten Bosch

What is a “Huis Ten Bosch”? Huis Ten Bosch is a huge Dutch theme park located in Sasebo, Nagasaki, Japan. It spans an area of approximately 380 acres and recreates Holland.

Much like Disneyland in the U.S., they have regular ongoing events as well. There are multiple hotels currently located in various places around the park including the previously mentioned robot hotel.  Those in the know consider the floating hotel rooms, however, to thus far be “the most extreme” yet.

“Float, Float On”

Each floating hotel room is actually a floating pod. According to sources at the “Japan Times”, each pod has two floors. The second floor is the bedroom. The first floor is the bathroom.
A single pod can hold up to four visitors. While you rest, the pod floats on its own to several of the theme park’s deserted islands. (At press time, the specific details concerning exactly how your pod journeys to its destination remains a trade secret.)

A Perfect Place For Players

“Let’s play a game.”  Each adventurous trip includes some reportedly “Hunger Games”-like activities. Travelers become players in different survival games complete with toy firearms. (Visitors are advised to bring their “gamer” spirit with them on this trip.)

How Much?

uis Ten Bosch is hoping to be ready to rent their new floating hotel rooms by year’s end. Currently, the rental cost is expected to range between $266.00 and $355.00 per night. The owners of Huis Ten Bosch, however, are hoping that veteran world travelers will consider the “must do” experience to be “priceless.”

Source:  mustdotravels.com

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