Feeling lazy? Try this Japanese technique and overcome it easily

Japanese culture promotes the value of remaining active and staying focused on your goals. If you are lazy though, this can be challenging. For that very reason, Japan uses an amazing technique to make sure a person’s laziness does not get in the way of their goals.


The real shining feature of Kaizen is the fact that even the laziest person out there can sacrifice a single minute a day to do something positive for themselves. While hour long, or even half hour long tasks may seem daunting and hard to begin, sacrificing a single minute a day can ultimately build towards something really great. At the same time, lazy individuals do not feel like they are making a huge sacrifice by spending this minute every day towards a specific task.

Kaizen is also a great way to overcome the lack of self confidence that may come with trying to accomplish something new. While it may feel scary to dedicate an entire hour every day to working out, a person can easily work out for one minute every day and still do something good for themselves in the process.


Kaizen is something often seen utilized in the professional world, where giving a minute every day for a specific task was found to be a greatly beneficial management technique. This same principle can easily be applied to anybody’s life, and it can be a great way to start increasing your daily productivity!

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