He Buys A Homeless Man Food. Suddenly, The Man Realizes THIS – He’s Left Speechless…

They say things in life happen for a reason and perhaps this is one of those stories.

JH Cavazos could simply not fall asleep one night. He was so restless that he got up and decided to drive around his neighborhood in hopes to relax and get rid of all the pent up energy he had. He decided to roll out in his late father’s truck. He would often drive the car when he wanted to feel closer to his dad who he missed dearly. On his drive around the neighborhood, Cavazos was approached by a homeless man. The man was nice and the two ended up conversing with one another. Eventually Cavazos offered to buy the man some food.

The two sat in Cavazo’s truck as they ate some fast food. Then something shocking occurred. The story turns into something magical, and certainly beautiful. Read through and find out what ends up happening and how this story unfolds!


As I’m driving around, I decided to stop at one of our vacant properties where I spotted some recently dumped trash that someone decided to dispose of. As I begin to pick it up, I noticed a man wearing dirty, wet ragged clothes, slowly walking down the sidewalk across the street from me with a noticeable limp. It was very dark, very windy, fairly cold with a light rain and extreemly quiet… other than the sound of the blowing wind. I continued to pickup the trash pitching it into the bed of my dads pickup, not noticing that the man had decided to cross the street and walk towards me. From a safe distance he calls out to me and asks if he could come closer… I said yes, come close, ….he then asked if I needed help picking up the trash. I had a bright flashlight in my hand and I was shinning it in his direction as he spoke. His face was bearded and wrinkled and his eyes looked dry and tired. I told him that it wasn’t much trash and that I would be done soon. He replied, “in spanish”, sorry I don’t need or want anything from you sir I just wanted to help you. So I asked him for his name and he said “Oscar”…. then I asked him where he lived, he replied he was homeless and occasionally slept outside or in church a few miles away.

I explained to him that if my father were still alive he would not accept payment for what he did for him because my father and mother both are of the belief that when you TRULY, truly give… you are not to expect anything in return. And besides I told him, as far as I’m concerned…. you have already paid… tonight you helped me pick up someone else’s trash off of my father & mothers property.

That night I gave Oscar my cell phone number to put in his pocket to use whenever he needed money or food. Tonight the plan is for my family and I to go out on the street and try to locate him once again because I have decided to give him a small place to live at one of our rental properties.”

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